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Make your story come to life

Enjoy a new level of ambient audio in your tabletop role-playing game.
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One View, one Click. Hundreds of unique atmospheres on one page.

Never was it easier to empower every situation in your game with the perfect ambiance. All you need in one place, so you don’t miss out on any possibility. Each combination can hold a unique composition of dynamically rendered audio.

We have big ambitions and want to build the ultimate audio tool for role playing.

While we are still developing the basis, these are the core aspects behind Ambient Sphere.


Customizable down to the core. Control every single sound or use pre-made compositions. This way, you really can make the audio fit your game.


We like to keep our head in the game instead of on a webpage; You only need one click to change your entire ambiance!


Whether you are playing at the table or online, Ambient Sphere can immerse you anywhere. As a web application, it works out of the box, and your players can hear everything live or threw a stream.


Share your creations, borrow from the community, or use atmospheres made by your favorite Ambient Sphere creators.

About us

Hi Storyteller, here are Jonas, Alex, and Jesse. 
We are the people behind Ambient Sphere. From the first moment we realized the power of audio, the dream of the perfect tool to accompany our adventures sparked. At first, Ambient Sphere was a small idea, just something we wanted in our games. Now we believe in the great potential. With your input, we want to build an amazing community-driven tool.